The List

It’s been in my head for years. It was at Uni with Paul where we first started saying “it’s off the list” whenever we did anything significant. So here, inspired by the 1002 Things Blog by Chelsea, is my (incomplete) list…

The List

1. Dive the Great Barrier Reef Whitsunday Islands October 2009
2. Do a Ski Season Tignes 2008/2009
3. See the Grand Canyon November 2007
4. Go to the Madis Gras in New Orleans
5. Learn to Fly
6. Experience the MCG on Boxing Day
7. See the New Year in Sydney New Year 2007
8. See the New Year in Edinburgh
9. Watch Manchester United in a European Away Game Barcelona, April 2008 & Milan, February2009
10. See a Sex Show in Amsterdam
11. Watch a Live Lunar Landing on Television (I’m 30 and this hasn’t been done in my lifetime!)
12. Go to a Formula 1 Race (preferably Monaco!)
13. Safari in Africa
14. Watch a Big Fight in Vegas
15. Watch a Lady Fire Ping Pong Balls out of her Lady Part in Bangkok
16. See an Active Volcano
17. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich
19. Catch, Kill & Cook My Own Dinner
20. See The Northern Lights
21. See Niagra Falls
22. Go to the Football World Cup (NOT in the UK)
23. See an Orca Whale in its Natural Habitat
24. Drive Around Europe in a VW Camper
25. Do a Parachute Jump
26. Drive Coast to Coast in Australia
27. Experience a Full Moon Party on Ko Phangan Ko Phangan October 2009
28. Ski the Tarantaise (Tignes – Les Arcs)
29. Spend a Weekend at Lake Maggiore
30. Eat in Sicily
31. Go River Tubing in Laos Vang Vieng, September 2009
32. Go to South America
33. Watch the Seattle Sounders
34. Spend a Weekend on a Narrowboat
35. DJ in Walkabout
36. Go for Afternoon Tea at the Burj Hotel, Dubai
37. Do a 360 on a Snowboard
38. Ride the Manchester Velodrome
39. Watch a Cricket Match from the Legendary Beach at the Kensington Oval, Barbados
40. Spend a Night Camping on Fraser Island

And a couple of bonus ones – I really want to do these but I’m going to keep the list realistic…

A. Go on the Piss with Sir Ian Botham
B. Be in the Pit Lane for a Formula 1 Race

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