Sydney – The Final Destination

There was one good reason not to go to Sydney, we’ve been twice before in the last three years. Fortunately for us, however, there are many good reasons to keep going back – it’s on a very exclusive list of cities that I would love to move to one day, the only other that springs [...]

Monday Memories – #8 Stadia Around The World

Being a supporter of Manchester United and a follower of English Cricket I’ve had lots of opportunity to enjoy some of the finest stadia in the world.

Here’s a little slideshow of some of my favourites (description below with links to relevant blog post).

1. Millennium Stadium, Cardiff 2. Santiago Bernabéu – Madrid 3. [...]

Monday Memories – #4 New Year’s Eve in Sydney

I’ve been in the UK for all but two new year’s eves and at 1pm I turn on Sky News and watch the new year roll in over Sydney.

We were in Australia over Christmas and New Year 2006/2007 for a group holiday taking in a few cities and the Ashes tour. To stand on [...]

Becks, Bondi & Boats

The Telstra Stadium in Sydney (The Olympic Stadium) is pretty good. Not dissimilar to the new stadia popping up in the UK every week but it’s big, brash and you can take your booze into the stands.

We started drinking at about 2pm at Lowenbrau (the place we went to last year with the [...]

End of the Road

Our last day in Newcastle was much better, the sun came out and we weren’t going to waste it so after I managed to drag Pezza out of bed we hit the pool, it was still a bit too windy to lie on the beach. After a few hours of nothingness it was time to [...]