My last blog was a couple of weeks ago and hence I’ve fallen foul of my promise to blog ‘at least every Monday’. In truth I’ve been lazier than that as despite the last post being on 14 August we’re only really up to date as of 8 August. With a fun-packed couple of weeks [...]

End of the Road

Our last day in Newcastle was much better, the sun came out and we weren’t going to waste it so after I managed to drag Pezza out of bed we hit the pool, it was still a bit too windy to lie on the beach. After a few hours of nothingness it was time to [...]

The Road Trip

We have the car. Getting it at Brisbane airport was unusually efficient for Australia – one girl sorted us out very quickly which goes against the usual Aussie philosophy of ‘why employ one person to do a job when you can employ three who can all get in each other’s way’.

Sat Nav [...]