Weekly Photo: Chicago November 2008

Cloud Gate, Millennium Park, Chicago. Link to Wikipedia


Weekly Photo: Melbourne 2006

With Ashes fever taking over the World I think back to 28 December 2006 and our day at the MCG in Melbourne.

I had always wanted to go on an Ashes Tour and, in particular attend the 100,000 seater Melbourne Cricket Ground on Boxing Day ever since I first saw it on Boxing Day [...]

Weekly Photo: Plaza de España, Madrid

We went to Madrid in a large group (around 12 of us I think) in June 2004. Barcelona gets a lot of the press and cheap flights but Madrid is more then a worthy home for a few days.

This is a picture of the Cervantes Monument, where we spent our final day with [...]

Monday Memories – #8 Stadia Around The World

Being a supporter of Manchester United and a follower of English Cricket I’ve had lots of opportunity to enjoy some of the finest stadia in the world.

Here’s a little slideshow of some of my favourites (description below with links to relevant blog post).

1. Millennium Stadium, Cardiff 2. Santiago Bernabéu – Madrid 3. [...]

Monday Memories – #7 Hong Kong

I adored Hong Kong. It was my first taste of a bustling Asian city.

We stopped off in Hong Kong for a few days on the way back from our Christmas and New Year trip to Australia. In all honesty, I wasn’t looking forward to it but we agreed we may as well stop [...]

Monday Memories – #6 Roof Top Bar, Prague

Karen & I had planned a weekend break in Amsterdam in March 2005 but we got to Manchester Airport only to be told all flights to Schipol were cancelled due to the snow in Amsterdam. Karen was ready to give up and go home but as we had time off work and we were at [...]

Monday Memories – #5 Central Park, Autumn 2003

You’ll recall that when on the flight back from Chicago last year, I blogged about my hatred of New York.

From going there, on holiday, three times now I think of the place as a hive of hurry and hatred. It’s therefore no surprise that my fondest memories were from my first trip in November [...]

Monday Memories – #4 New Year’s Eve in Sydney

I’ve been in the UK for all but two new year’s eves and at 1pm I turn on Sky News and watch the new year roll in over Sydney.

We were in Australia over Christmas and New Year 2006/2007 for a group holiday taking in a few cities and the Ashes tour. To stand on [...]

Monday Memories – #3 Breckenridge

Four of the “Boys’ Holidays” I’ve been on have been 2-weeks long, one was spent in the mountains in the brilliant resort of Breckenridge, Colorado.

This picture was taken at the highest point I have ever been (4,050m or 13,287ft). It was brutally cold (-35 celsius) but we wanted to show our team colours, we [...]

Monday Memories – #2 Cancun

A package holiday! We chose Cancun as our honeymoon destination in June 2007.

A couple of friends had been there in the few years beforehand and highly recommended it. In the late 1960s the Mexicans wanted to increase the amount of Dollars coming over the boarder and invested heavily in the infrastructure to attract the [...]