The Tubing in Vang Vieng

12 September – 14 September

In Siem Reap we came across a couple of girls who we’d met a week or so earlier in Phnom Penh. As is usually the case, the conversation moved on to travel plans and when we said we were going to Laos one said. “Don’t go to Vang Vieng.” Her [...]

Speeding Through Laos

11 September – 15 September

Our flight into Vientiane included the most interesting immigration procedure yet. The plane landed in the arse-end of nowhere in Laos and we had to get off and walk to immigration through a building site before getting back on the plane.  Everyone on the plane was scammed for a dollar [...]

Excitement Building & Quasi Planning

So many people say that half the fun in going away is in the planning. I’ve never agreed, sure it’s fun to flick through brochures and pick out your hotel for your two week break but if that’s only half the fun you have then maybe you should have picked a different holiday!

This time, [...]