September keeps on going – Florida wrapped up & another Foden wedding!

One day I’ll be able to write a post without mentioning the word ‘America’ however this is not one of them and with Vegas around the corner it may be a while yet.

I left you with the Mobile post that was written a few days into Florida. I’m not going to bore you with [...]

Florida #2 – The Fun Continues!

Since the ‘Cheerio Dunc’ post it’s been a bit quiet on here. This is because the software I use to blog from my phone when abroad changed when I was away. It’s sorted now and this is the post I intended to upload nearly two weeks ago.

I’m getting all the pics of Stuoobs [...]

Cheerio Dunc!

I write to you from Florida! We have been here in our Villa in Kissimmee for one whole day so far but it feels like we’ve been around for a lot longer. Our flight was at 10.30am Saturday however we were not arriving at the airport in a fit state.

As you’ll know, Dunc and [...]