Sihanoukville to Siem Reap

5 September – 11 September

As I said in my last post, we had no real plans to go down to Sihanoukville. It is a small town on the Cambodian coast with a great beach, great bars and many stunning islands off the coast. That being said we have lots of beach [...]

How Is Our Trip Going?

We are about four weeks into our ten week trip. When we set off the plan was to get Singapore, KL & Bangkok out of the way and then fly to Hanoi and work our way down the coast of Vietnam and then whizz through Cambodia and Laos. We anticipated that Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos [...]

Goosebumps in Phnom Penh

Even the locals aren’t sure how to pronounce it.  Some go for Nom Pon, Some manage to pronounce the ‘P’ at the start.  I tend to go for Nom Pen. Our journey here was by bus from Ho Chi Minh City.  If you believe dirty-haired wannabe-hippy backpackers (there’s a whole post on these [...]

Excitement Building & Quasi Planning

So many people say that half the fun in going away is in the planning. I’ve never agreed, sure it’s fun to flick through brochures and pick out your hotel for your two week break but if that’s only half the fun you have then maybe you should have picked a different holiday!

This time, [...]