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Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

November 2007

My name is Andy. In September 2007 I was in the fortunate position of being able to leave the world of the office thanks in no small part the the hard work my parents have put in over the years. I actually realised the position I was in whilst on honeymoon with Karen (Pezza) in Cancun.

Since then we’ve taken the opportunity to travel as much as possible including a relatively quick round-the-world trip taking in Dubai, Thailand, Australia and four states in America. It was before this trip that I started my blog with the sole reasoning being to keep a diary of our travels so in years to come we would have something to look back on.

Since then we’ve been moving, especially in America, and have just spent the winter in the French ski resort of Tignes. During the Winter I was the English morning presenter on Radio Tignes. We’ll be back in the mountains next season where I’ll be taking on the same role for Radio Meribel.

As for the near future, we have another trip lined up and one we’re most excited about. We have flights booked to Singapore and from there we’ll be moving through Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam etc. When we did our trip at the end of 2007 we went top end (business class flights, 5-star hotels). Our hotel in Bangkok was 20 minutes in a cab away from Khao San Road and we came home feeling we hadn’t done the whole travel thing justice at all; therefore this time we’re not going armed with an itineray and hotel reservations, instead we’ll only be packing an open mind and a few Lonely Planet guides (but still flying at the front of the plane!) I suppose we’ve become what is known as the Flashpacker, it’s a term I hate but if you look at this definition it seems to fit the description of a person who wants to do the backpacking thing but does so by taking a flight instead of a night bus and has his laptop in tow. I suppose we all are to some extent, when was the last time you went away without your iPod, mobile phone or digital camera?

I’ll be doing my very best to keep the site updated as I go along, please subscribe to updates to ensure you get the latest posts when they’re up.  Any comments or suggestions are always welcome.



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