EuroTrip 2011

Hello loyal Subscriber(s). It’s been 336 days since my last post; this hasn’t been through lack of getting on a plane: since our Southeast Asia trip we’ve had ski trips to Whistler, Tignes & St Anton; two visits to Dubai, weekend breaks to Lisbon & Munich and a few trips to Vegas.

It’s now time to get back on the road, albeit quite briefly. We fly to Rome on 12 September. From there we don’t really have a plan, we hope to head north to Venice and eventually end up on the French coast. We’ll probably be away for about three weeks – not the longest of trips but an adventure nonetheless. It’s going to be a fairly relaxed tour, due on no small part to the increasing size of Pezza’s belly and the hoopla of moving house that will follow shortly thereafter.

We’ve done little research but anticipate working our way up to Venice from Rome and making use of budget accommodation, perhaps with a splurge option being thrown in there at some point.

Finally, from a Tech point of view, I’ll be leaving the laptop at home and making do with my shiny new toy, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Should I have posted more over the last year? Probably, we’ve had a few very memorable trips worthy of note and I hope to be able to document the craziness of St Anton, the fastest roller coaster in the world & the sharp side of Dubai Marina, flyng First class with BA and the best group holiday possible in Las Vegas.

See you in Italy.

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