2010 Catch Up #2: Seattle & Vegas

March 2010

Not my fault. I was lying in bed one night, possibly drunk, and I received an email informing me of a British Airways sale. It was always our intention to go over and see Stuart & Cazzie more than once and we decided instead of meeting them in Whistler again we’d go to Vegas instead and they would get the relatively short flight down from Vancouver.

Pezza & I decided to take this opportunity to pay a visit to an American city that’s been in my mind for a while. There’s so much about Seattle that’s great and we loved wandering around the city taking in the famous Pike Market, the needle and coffee – essentially a dream for any Frasier fan.

Stereotypical Seattle Space Needle Picture...

Space Needle

My highlight was a trip to the Experience Music Project, a shrine to Seattle music. So many of my favourite bands hail from this city and I was like a kid seeing the displays dedicated to Hendrix, Pearl Jam and Nirvana etc.

Guitar tower, Experience Music Project

Experience Music Project

After a couple of days soaking in Seattle Grunge, drinking coffee, drinking Seattle dry, touring the sports stadia and adjusting to the time difference; it was time to go to Vegas.

We stayed in the Wynn as they had a monster sale on when we booked it and as we were there for my birthday we took in one of the Vegas clubs. There’s not too much I can add other than the fact we had a brilliant time and managed to catch up with an old mate who is now a flair barman in Kahunaville, Treasure Island. We also saw the Cirque du Soleil show, Love (highly recommended).

It was a horrendously alcoholic five days and we were delighted to be able to upgrade our flights on the way home using air miles. The seven hours sleep I got on the flight home was comfortably the best night’s sleep of the trip!

You can see our pictures here.

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