2010 Catch Up #1: Whistler and Vancouver

January & February 2010.

My older, wiser, greyer brother and Caroline spent the autumn touring North America in a RV before settling down for the winter season in Whistler.

We were weighing up New Year but, frankly, it’s not worth it when you can go a few weeks later for half the price. We therefore decided to make it for Australia Day. It may seem bizarre going to Canada for Aussie Day but Whistler is full of them, indeed there are probably more Australians living in Whistler during the winter than Canadians. This makes for an unbeleivable Australia Day party, one which we first experienced here in 2006.

We had an interesting journey which included a five-hour layover in Heathrow. Many people choose to get the Heathrow Express into London and enjoy a bit of lunch in the city, we chose the sit in the airport bar and get trashed; I barely remember getting on the plane.

The unrivaled highlight of the trip was Cat Skiing where we go to a neighbouring mountain that gets more snow than Whistler and is populated by no more than 11 people on any given day. If you love riding powder then there is simply no substitute for this experience.

We were a sixsome for our ten days in Canada as we flew out with Paulie & Karen. I’ve been to Whistler twice before and know the resort and the mountain reasonably well but it was really good to have Stuoobs & Cazzie as our guides to the mountain and the nightlife.

Having spent a week in the snow we opted to get the bus to Vancouver for three more days. Vancouver is consistently up there when the list of the best cities in the world to live in is published and it’s hard to argue; the Canadians are a great race of people and Vancouver has the feeling of a big city without the attitude problems so many face. On top of that, you have Whistler just an hour and a half away by car. Saying all that, it’s not the best in terms of a tourist destination and probably wouldn’t be worth a visit unless you were in the area.

We did have a good few nights here including a great steak, a very drunken night out with a Vancouver based friend of ours and, to top it all off, a trip to the Garage to see the mighty Canucks.

To see Stuoobs’ and Cazzie’s blog on their trip, check out Stuart’s Blog.

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6 comments to 2010 Catch Up #1: Whistler and Vancouver

  • Maybe my expectations were too high; maybe it was the relatively high cost. But for some reason, I just didn’t have as much fun as I expected. Basically, it is a long slow train ride from Vancouver to the ski town of Whistler. Some of the sites you see are typical of rail lines: Rusty, broken down buildings and equipment

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