Sydney – The Final Destination

There was one good reason not to go to Sydney, we’ve been twice before in the last three years. Fortunately for us, however, there are many good reasons to keep going back – it’s on a very exclusive list of cities that I would love to move to one day, the only other that springs to mind is Barcelona; both cosmopolitan cities with a great climate and a beach or two.

There’s not a lot we wanted to do in Sydney, we knew it was the last stop and fully intended to spend a day or two on one of the beaches. When we first came in 2006 we tried to go up Centrepoint Tower but were informed it was an hour wait (it was new year’s day) so we pulled the cord and had a day on Bondi. This time we made it up there for unrivalled views of the city from the Harbour (above), the beaches, suburbs and stadia. The tower is less than a tenth of the price of the bridge climb, offers a higher view and you can also take your camera up (banned from the bridge climb); for us this is a much better option than the two hour walk over the bridge.

With me getting pictures of the Olympic Stadium and Pezza using the free telescopes to spy on a wedding we worked up a thirst and headed to my favourite restaurant in the world, Sydney Oyster Cove on Circular Quay – sun, oysters, wine and a view of the Harbour Bridge.

Another reason for visiting Sydney is that we know a few people here. The first visit we made was to my old work buddy, Dom, who took us out for a Vietnamese meal and then to some of the more ‘interesting’ pubs in seedy Surrey Hills. He invited us to a house party the next day which was full of people I used to work with, it’s as if the boat to Sydney now picks up from Michael Page’s Manchester office.

We didn’t want a late one as we were on the 9.30am train to Richmond to see Pezza’s family. Pezza’s cousin, Stephen, bought ten acres of land in rural Richmond and intends to build a great house in the middle of nature, in the mean time he lives on a bus parked in the middle of the land with his wife.

We had a great afternoon of beer-cricket and a meal overlooking the bushland of New South Wales. It was great to see everyone but by the time we got back to Sydney in the evening we were tired and just about had the energy to get the obligatory Opera House Shot…

Our last day was now upon us and we could think of nothing better to do than spend the entire day horizontal on Bondi Beach and the night on George Street.

The final reason for coming to Sydney was to experience the A380 once again. It’s an epic journey from Australia to Manchester and we were fortunate to be able to do it with just the one stop in Singapore, the only downer was that the A380 was our vessel for the first part of the journey; the Singaore to Manchester leg was on an old 777-200.

We’re now back in rainy Manchester. When we arrived at the airport and waited for a taxi it was tempting just to turn around back to the departures area and head off somewhere.

So, that was that.

The sydney photos are now on my photo page

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