Southeast Asia Trip in Numbers

70 Days
2 Continents
7 Countries

26,883 Miles by plane
777 Miles by bus/coach (we avoided overnighters)
693 Miles by train (average 1 cockroach per 48 miles)
183 Miles by car
192 Miles by ferry
100 Miles by sailboat
0.5 Miles by motorbike (before we crashed in Hoi An)
28,828 Miles in total (1.16 times around the world)

19 Airports
9 Airlines
8 Different currencies (US$ widely accepted in Cambodia as well as the Riel)
2 Equatorial crossings
6 World Heritage Sites
Approximately 47 toilets in Hanoi for Pezza

140 Hours traveling (5 days 20 hours)
3 Nights spent on planes
4 Nights on a boat
1 Night on a train
1 Night in Ha Long Bay

48 nights in Asian hostels (average £24.21/night)
10 nights in Aussie hostels (average £45.22/night)
4 Nights in posh hotels (average £250.25/night)

£1,614.18 total spent on hostels (58 nights. Average £27.83/night)
£2,816.18 total spent on all accommodation (62 nights. Average £45.42/night)

2 Items lost (camera and flip flops)
2 Items broken (padlock and laptop power cable)

0.6 Kilograms my luggage gained
3.4 Kilograms I gained (Pezza doesn’t wish to discuss any weight she may have gained/lost)

0 Major arguments
0 Times I was right
100 Times Pezza was right

977 Pictures uploaded to Flickr
23 Blog posts on the road

38 Degrees – highest temperature (MySon ruins, Vietnam)
21 Degrees – lowest temperature (Sydney, Australia)

All the accommodation costs are based on two people sharing a double room. Further details on all our accommodation can be found on the dedicated Southeast Asia Page.

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