Tignes Reds!

I’m sat here thinking what has happened this week and my first impression is ‘not a lot’ but having thought about it for two seconds, it’s clear that it’s been a very busy week!

The first newsworth event is the arrival of newlyweds Northern Nigel & Northern Marie who are staying in Val d’Isere with [...]

'Week Off', Skis & Big Mouse…

A few things to report this week…

First of all, I’ll bang on about the skiing; conditions have been bit ‘up and down’ this week. When I left you after our day in Bourg we were in the middle of a apocalyptical storm, it wasn’t necessarily the biggest dump we’ve had but it was the [...]

Ski Legs

This has easily been our quietest week in Tignes so far. It feels like we’ve been non-stop for the past two months so a bit of a break from liver-damage has been very welcome. I am only speaking about me & Pezza for Stuoobs & Cazzie spent Wednesday to Sunday drinking La Tania dry and [...]

4th Annual Australia Day & The Varettos!

So. Blogging. Yeah.

It’s been another top week. We were anticipating the arrival of Tim & Nat to Chalet BOTT here in Tignes and we knew it was going to be a great week with oodles of snow and Aussie Day around the corner!

The night before Tim & Nat arrived was the night the [...]