Football (U.S.) and Dumps!

If Bill Gates has the audacity to make us select our language as “English (UK)” then I believe that using ‘Football’ and ‘Football (US)’ instead of differentiating between American Football and our English, almost apologetic, vernacular that goes something like this:

“Football, well, errrr, soccer. You know, our football.”

Before violently shouting,



October: Paris et al

A couple of Mondays have passed with no blog. It’s been the usual combination of laziness & alcohol I’m afraid but with so much coming up it’s necessary to catch up.

I left you on 6 October with stories of wedding & Concorde, the next day was Karen’s birthday and I surprised her with a [...]

A 'Mishmash' of a week – Chickens, Concorde & more weddings…

It seems that I’m at that stage of my life where I can’t seems to negotiate a weekend without there being some sort of wedding. Fortunately it’s been a summer of several weddings and they are all good friends of mine, furthermore these ‘several’ weddings have only actually involved two couples who don’t seem to [...]